Issue 26, Winter 2014

The Asia Literary Review Is Back!

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Hyperlinked articles below are free-to-view. Those marked * provide an extract.
  Ann Tashi Slater
  Phillip Kim
  Anis Shivani
  Michael Vatikiotis
  Eliza Vitri Handayani
  Cheng Yong, translated by Brian Holton
  Dipika Mukherjee
  Phoebe Tsang

    Romesh Gunesekera
    Zhu Jian
    translated by Liang Yujing
    Alexis Marie
    Yu Xuanji
    translated by Justin Hill
    Lady Flor N. Partosa
    Yong Shu Hoong
Corpse Flower
    ko ko thett
    Kim Kyung-ju
    translated by Jake Levine and Jung Hi-yeon
    Andrew Barker
    Shanta Acharya
    Kathleen Hellen
The Day We Went Strawberry Picking in Scarborough
Ranu Uniyal


Non-Fiction and Memoir


    Kavita A. Jindal
    Maria Carmen A. Sarmiento
    Fan Dai
    Nighat Gandhi



Sex and the Citadel by Shereen El Feki
   Alisha Haridasani

More Non-fiction

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