The Asia Literary Review - revitalised

Martin Alexander
Oct 30th, 2013
With the new website now online and a bountiful new issue of the magazine about to be launched, the Asia Literary Review has been revitalised. We've made some big changes and I'd like to introduce you to some of them.
The basics are unchanged, with a website and quarterly issues of some 200 pages covering the best contemporary fiction, non-fiction, interviews, reviews and images from and about Asia. Our issues will be available by annual subscription or individualy as eBooks. Print copies will still be available, too. The website has been completely rebuilt for the 21st century by Steffan Leyshon-Jones and Alex Cheng: they've added blogs, room for multi-media, space for the latest news and events, opportunities to comment and contribute, and a new eShop.
We want to tempt readers to the ALR with an online bank of excellent free-to-read material on the website.  The blog section of the ALR is one of the changes we've introduced - there's already a team of distinctive and distinguished bloggers lined up to bring you fresh, invigorating and provocative material from and about Asia each week. Award-winning and world-famous writers will be joined by tomorrow's voices and those of readers and writers from across the region: from Istanbul to North Japan. It's a huge source of inspiration for writers and readers, and the Asia Literary Review means to articulate Asia's identity in all its variety.
That's a pretty lofty ambition, and we'd like you to help us realise it. We're building a pan-Asian network of authentic, authoritative and inspiring voices and we want writers and readers to contribute through the blogs and comments. We want Asia's true voice - in all its variety - to be heard through the ALR.
We hope you'll be as excited as we are to hear what that voice sounds like, to recognise the truth in it, and to be inspired by the visions of our time and our futures that it contains.
This is a start - there's much more to come.


Martin Alexander
Hong Kong
Last blog date: Oct 3rd, 2014


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