Auraji River

Translated by: 
Jake Levine

Translated by Jake Levine and Jung Hi-yeon

like a dry stick on an ink stone, the river is freezing

now is the time, underwater, where darkness spreads into wind. if you on such a night can bear to stand still, people who escaped their graves crouch down and dip both their hands in the river

in order to approach the human soul, how far from earth is life flying? on such a night, hanging upside down, sleeping birds gnash their teeth and

regaining consciousness after a long flight, a man quietly shakes the plane

a streak of light flies from an anonymous star, the duration of that light’s life arrives in my eyes, so how long does it take the life of music to be so alone? night is a lonely man walking with his eyes closed, and the eyes of a lonely man is something he has to hide, has to hide the sounds in those eyes in the middle of the river

clinging to the tree far away from the mountain, white icicles slowly gush light like an outdoor palace, but a long time ago, from my side to their side, the beasts that turned their backs to the firelight had their eyes frozen by wind, so they howled and now the dark stone underwater is carried by river water – your eyes carried, joining me, the spirit is night

sound is water slowly pushing the shadow outside. if the wind is open, notice the evidence: someone who exits a grave with a feeble face is passing by

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