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Han Kang's list of Korean must-read authors







In World Literature Today, Han Kang, winner of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize, recommends her favourite Korean writers available in English.

Several have been previously published in the Asia Literary Review - click or tap on their names to read their work, here to buy a copy of the ALR  or subscribe, and scroll down to buy these authors' books from the ALR Bookshop:


Hwang Sok-yong - adapted from The Old Garden, translated by Jay Oh, in ALR12

Kim Hyesoon - 'A Way to Read the Morning' and other poems, translated by Don Mee Choi, in ALR23

Kyung-sook Shin - interviewed by Charles Montgomery, translated by Ed Park, in ALR23

Kyung-sook Shin - 'After the Turn of Dark', translated by Shirley Lee, in ALR27 (available in the print and eBook editions)

Bae Suah - 'His First Love', translated by  Deborah Smith, in ALR24

Kim Young-ha - 'Ice Cream', translated by Dafna Zur, in ALR23

An essay by Han Kang's translator, Deborah Smith, 'Korean Literature Comes of Age' is featured in ALR30 (available in the print and eBook editions).

Books bought here will support the ALR in bringing excellent writing from and about Asia to a wider readership.

Han Kang


Hwang Sok-yong


Kim Hyesoon


Kim Young-ha


Kyung-sook Shin


Bae Suah

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