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Issue 29 - Autumn 2015

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For a taste of what's in the Autumn 2015 issue of the Asia Literary Review, enter the world of China's 'doomsday rock' with Jemimah Steinfeld and the Bedstars, join RK Biswas and the Tiger Under Pipal Tree, and discover the poetry of Jee Leong Koh and Saleem Peeradina.

There's much more on this issue's leading and up-and-coming writers in our Editorialand they're all listed below. Free-to-view articles are hyperlinked.

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     Slanted Girl
          Zen Ren
     from The Private Life of a Nation
          Eungjun Lee
     Prologue from Aruna and Her Palate
          Laksmi Pamuntjak
     from When Ali Met Honour
          Ruth Ahmed
     You Say
          Juhee Shin, translated by Miseli Jeon
     The Backroom Angels Boogaloo
          Maria Carmen A. Sarmiento
          RK Biswas
     Rooftops of Shanghai
          Paul French
          Jemimah Steinfeld
     Small Bird Song
          Sally Breen
          Chitralekha Basu
          Mariko Nagai
          Quan Barry
          Kelly Morse
     The Curious Case of the Custard Apple
          Saleem Peeradina
     Eve’s Fault
     Ashtrays as Big as Hubcaps
     Talking to Koon Meng Who Called Himself Christopher
          Jee Leong Koh
     Civic Patience
          Brian Ng
     Back Again
          Stephanie Chan

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