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Inside Issue 31

To get a sense of what's in ALR31, read our selection of free-to-view articles. A good place to start is From the Editors

Then come back and scroll down to the contents list below, where we feature an extract from Sebastian Sim's Let's Give It Up for Gimme Lao! For a taste of the issue's poetry, enjoy John Thiem's mischievous Chinese Checkers. We also offer two terrific interviews, where Xu Xi searches for Gordon Ashberry, the missing protagonist of That Man in Our Lives, while Krys Lee tell us about her new novel, How I Became a North Korean, set in the bleak borderlands of North Korea and China. And of course there's the fabulous artwork on our front and back covers, generously provided by Konstantin Bessmertny.

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Asia Literary Review No. 31, Summer 2016




From the Editors




from Let's Give It Up for Gimme Lao! 

          Sebastian Sim

from Underground 

           Seo Jintranslated by Jason Woodruff

from Now That It's Over

          O Thiam Chin

from Sugarbread

         Balli Kaur Jaswal

from That Man in Our Lives

         Xu Xi

My Mother's Miracle

         Rajesh K. Reddy

Rocky Romeo

         Dimmi Khan

Watermelon Seeds

         C. G. Menon

From Noin Ula

         Bae Suahtranslated by Janet Hong

Circular Feed

         Sreedhevi Iyer

from Malindo

         Nada Holland




Interview: Xu Xi

Interview: Krys Lee

The Whole Kahani

          Kavita A. Jindal

About 'From Noin Ula'

          Bae Suahtranslated by Janet Hong




Hiuen Tsang

          Abhay K.

Giviing a Reading of My Poetry in Hong Kong

          Yu Jiantranslated by Simon Patton

The Punctual Air-Hostess

Eelam, 2009

          Rushda Rafeek

Narrow Lanes of Sanity

          Shuja Alhaq

Chinese Checkers

          John Thieme

The Creeper

Island in the Sea

          Zhu Zhutranslated by Dong Li


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