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'Autumn Moon' c Yomei Chiang & Sotheby's HK

Inside Issue 33

To get a taste of what's in ALR33, start with our selection of free-to-view articles on the ALR33 contents page. A good place to begin is From the Editors.

Much of this issue celebrates the work of translators, and we include some of the entries and finalists from our collaboration with English PENOne of these is Shion Miura's The Handymen of Mahoro, translated by Asuka Minamoto. Sample some of the issue's poetry with Tishani Doshi and Norman Erikson Pasaribu, and enjoy our interview with Margrét Helgadóttir, editor of Asian Monsters, from which we include two stories. Subscribers can read the whole issue here on the website, through our online reader or by downloading eBooks from their accounts



Our front and back cover images, 'Autumn Moon' and 'Ascension II' respectively, are by Yomei Chiang and published with kind permission of the artist and Sotheby's HK.

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