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Asia Literary Review: Issue 23, Spring 2012

Korean writing in the ALR

We've put together a collection of pieces from and about Korea, previously published in the Asia Literary Review.


 Start with our two issues specially dedicated to Korea: ALR23 (Spring 2012) and ALR30 (Spring 2016). 



And here's Korea from the archive:



Food for Thought – Kimchi and Cabbage Julian Baggini

Image and Identity Michael Breen 

Korean Literature on the World Stage Joseph Lee 

WEB-ONLY: 세계문단에서 이슈로 떠오르고 있는 한국문학 Joseph Lee

Pyongyang: City of Privilege and Pretence Sue Lloyd-Roberts

North Korea's Revolutionary Cinema Daniel Levitsky
North Korea: Absolute Power and Absolute Corruption Jang Jin-sung 



Black-and-White Photographer Han Yujoo 

Blood Money John Evans 
Elephant Kim Jae Young 
from What You Never Know Jeong I-hyeon 


Faces to the Fire Paul Yoon 

His First Love Bae Suah 

Ice Cream Kim Young-ha 

Is That So? I'm a Giraffe Park Mingyu 

Nova initia Thomas Lee 

The Daughter of the Woman from Nan-jin Eugenia Kim 

The Korean Soldier Jeon Sung Tae 

The Old Garden Hwang Sok-yong 


Youth-in-Asia Ron Schafrick 

Kim Seon-dal: Korean Folk Hero Heinz Insu Fenkl


Chang-Rae Lee Anis Shivani 

Shin Kyung-sook Charles Montgomery 

Blaine Harden Kathleen Hwang



My Experiences in the Korean War Liu Jiaju 


2012-03-16: Shin Kyung-sook wins the 2011 Man Asian Literary Prize Martin Alexander 

Mr Pak Deborah Kan

Review: Drifting House by Krys Lee J. P. O'Malley 

Review: Please Look After Mother by Kyung-sook Shin Kelly Falconer 

Review: The Old Garden by Hwang Sok-yong Lucia Sehui Kim 

Review: All Woman and Springtime by B. W. Jones Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore 
Review: Escape from Camp 14 by Blaine Harden James E. Hoare 



Halmuhnee Jesse Chun 

North Korean Posters: the David Heather Collection David Heather 

Photo-collages Won Seong Won 

Holiday Tours to the DPRK Simon Cockerell



'Comfort Women' Shirley Lee and Jeong-Shik Min 

A Way to Read the Morning and other poems Hyesoon Kim 

Crystal Kay in the Tokyo Dome and other poems Robert Ricardo Reese 

from First Person Sorrowful Ko Un 

Inventing the Alphabet Linda Sue Park 

Korean Hillside Min K Kang 

One Mind, and The Sound of a Stone Cho Oh-hyun 

Zainichi and Star Clusters Min K. Kang 



The Executioner and other poems Jang Jin-sung 

Two Poems Jéanpaul Ferro 

Poems by Jang Jin-sung (in Korean) Jang Jin-sung 

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