The ALR Team


Martin Alexander: Editor in Chief


Phillip Kim: Managing Editor


Justin Hill: Senior Editor


Michael Vatikiotis: Senior Editor (Non-fiction)

Kavita A. Jindal: Senior Editor (Poetry)


Zheng Danyi: Senior Editor (China)


Anurima Roy: Consulting Editor (India)


Core Blog Team: Andrea Berrini, Dai Fan, Robin Hemley, Justin Hill, Harvey Hix, Sreedhevi Iyer, Melody Kemp, Phillip Kim, ko ko thett, Rezvan Vatankhah, Michael Vatikiotis

Research Assistants: Sumi Kim, Jodie Mak, Rachel Tsang


Advisory Board

Jane Camens, Robin Hemley, Peter Koenig, Shirley Lee



Ilyas Khan

Co-founder of the Asia Literary Review



Ilyas Khan encouraged, supported and generously funded the Asia Literary Review for its first decade.  A prominent philanthropist and a discerning lover of literature, he has been for many years a key supporter of festivals and literary events in Asia, the UK and elsewhere.  

Without his persistent vision of a magazine that would articulate the literary experience of Asia, the Asia Literary Review would not exist and the literary scene in and about Asia would be very much the poorer. He remains a friend of the Asia Literary Review.

Click here for Ilyas Khan's ALR profile. 


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