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COK SAWITRI has written three novels: Janda dari Jirah (The Widow from Jirah2007), Sutasoma (2009) and Tantri, Perempuan yang Bercerita (Tantri, a Woman, Speaks2011).

Recent publications include a collection of poems, Setahun Kematian, Semilyar Nyanyianku Mati, Kiamat Tiba dalam Jarak 3 Sentimeter (A Year of Death, A Billion of My Songs Die, the End of the World at a Distance of 3 Centimetres) and a collection of short stories, Baruni, Jembatan Surga (Baruni: Bridge to Heaven), both of which were published in 2013.

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Fiction - No. 36, Spring 2019: Era Reformasi - Indonesian Stories