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Yetti A.

YETTI A. KA was born and grew up in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia.

She has written many short stories centred on the world of women and on psychology. These stories have been published in Kompas, Koran Tempo, Media Indonesia, Republika, Jawa Pos, Majalah Femina and elsewhere.

She has published eleven books: short stories, anthologies and novels, including Numi, Musim yang Meng­gugurkan Daun, Kinoli, Penjual Bunga Bersyal Merah, Peri Kopi, and Basirah.

She received the Culture Award from Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia in 2004 for her short story, ‘Musim yang Menggugurkan Daun’.

Contributions to ALR

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