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More jewels from the archive:

No Country for Old Women - Sandip Roy - ALR16, Summer 2010

From Now On Everything Will Be Different - Eliza Vitri Handayani

The Empress Dowager Cixi-to-be - Andrew Barker

A Case of Penetration - Michael Vatikiotis

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Today, the 28th December 2010, is Liu Xiaobo's birthday and there seems to be no prospect either of his release or of an end to the indefinite house arrest of his wife, Liu Xia, who remains isolated without charge.


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The Lesson of Liu Xiaobo - Tammy Ho

What It's Like - Theophilus Kwek

Contrast - Tammy Ho

Beating Dickheads - Miguel Syjuco

Aubade - Daljit Nagra

Hiuen Tsang - Abhay K.

Free Fall - Chiang Yomei

Two Zero Four Seven - Tammy Ho

Those Plastic Sunflowers - Sonnet Mondal

In Memory of Flight MH-370 - Reshma Ruia

Sword of Destiny: Interview - with Justin Hill



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Read our collection of writing from and about Korea, previously published in the Asia Literary Review featuring material from the archive and our two issues specially dedicated to Korea: ALR23 (Spring 2012) and ALR30 (Spring 2016). 


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Justin Hill remembers the Tiananmen massacre and reflects on how memories of it have been suppressed on the mainland.

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In Issue 25, we highlighted the plight of Paco Larrañaga, still in prison after a deeply flawed trial and sentence in the Philippines. Grammy-nominated musician Bob Regan is on video to explain why he was moved to write a song dedicated to Paco and to the need for his release. There's also a petition for Paco, and the Give Up Tomorrow website offers ways to help the Philippines recover from the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. Re-read Luis Francia's moving article for the ALR on Give Up Tomorrow, the award-winning documentary about Paco Larrañaga.