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Asia Literary Review No. 27, Spring 2015



From the Editors




After the Turn of Dark by Shin Kyung-sook - translated by Shirley Lee

And Now There Came Both Mist and Snow by Clara Chow

Beijing Hospital by Jeremy Tiang

Comfort Woman Eleanor by James Tam

Run by Phillip Y. Kim

The First Noble Truth by Nathan Lauer

Childhood by Mona Dash




Two Poems by Chen Dongdong - translated by Michael Martin Day

     Lamp Lighting

     At Swallow Rock

Five poems by Imtiaz Dharker

     Ghazals on the Grundig, Pingling in Pollokshields

     Bombil, Bumla, Bummalo


     First Words

     Mumbai? Kissmiss?

Chinese, Not Han by Reid Mitchell

Event • Writing by Yu Jian - translated by Simon Patton and Tao Naikan

Distant Sea on a Summer’s Day by Li Yawei - translated by Denis Mair

M. F. Husain’s Goddesses by Usha Kishore

Peng Chau by Zheng Danyi - translated by Luo Hui

Four Poems by Song Lin - translated by Li Dong


     Jiaocheng, 1970

     Notes from South Xinjiang

     The Sun and Rain of West Lake




The West Sea Battle by Jang Jin-sung - translated and introduced by Shirley Lee

Seeing the Monet by Suzanne Kamata

Land of Light by Frank Light

Challenging Convention – The Kung Fu Nuns by Namgay Zam

The Sinking City by Bill Tarrant

Which God is Ours? by Angela Smith Kirkman




Masks by Boaz Rottem with text by Elizabeth Solomon

More Non-fiction

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